time: 20.00 hrs.

location: Studio de Bakkerij
Bergweg 283, Rotterdam

Pak Yan Lau (be/hk)

Saskia Venegas (es) (together with: Panos Gklistis, Robin Eggers, Timoteo Carbone)

Mariëtte Rouppe Van Der Voort (nl)


time: 22.30 hrs.

location: Roodkapje
Teilingerstraat 128, Rotterdam

Kubus (nl)

Tom White (uk)

Many Others (it) (Francesco Gregoretti & Olivier di Placido)

DJ Madrotter (nl)



time: 20.00 hrs.

location: Niffo Galerie / Recycling Studio – Paul Krugerstraat 210, Rotterdam (map)

John Giskes, Michael Osowski (nl/pl)  en Ingrun Schnitzler (nl)

Fckn Bstrds (nl)


time: 21.30 hrs.

location: Damage Playground
Hillelaan 29, Rotterdam

Zeno van den Broek (nl)

Huib Emmer (nl)


time: 23.00 hrs.

location: DE PLAYER
Hillelaan 49D, Rotterdam

Tashi Dorji (bt/us)

Fluwelen Koord (be)

Kent Tankred (se)



time: 15.00 hrs.

location: Wolfart Projectspace
Wolphaertstraat 25c, Rotterdam

Yann Gourdon (fr)

Mercedes   Azpilicueta (ar)

Gods Will (nl)

NZZN (North-South-South-North) is a
3-day festival initiated by DE PLAYER and VROOOM, organised in collaboration with other Rotterdam-based organisations / venues that operate on the fringes of the Rotterdam subculture;  Koffie & Ambacht (Le Sud), MiMa, Poortgebouw, foundation B.a.d, PAE, Noodlebar, Roodkapje, Wolfart Projectspace, De Nieuwe Ruimte


The festival highlights the network that is flourishing between these platforms; not merely to cement and emphasize the common grounds, but also to celebrate the creative nucleus. The small-scaled, decentralized events that take place in characteristic and sometimes unusual locations, are particularly beneficial for a lively, diverse cultural climate; just outside the defined city centre borders there is plenty of room for risktaking, experimentation and adventure.


NZZN seeks to map out and showcase this peripheral Rotterdam of leftfield music, sound art, improvisation, and performance art with a vibrant mix of international and local artists. The festival takes places in various locations in the North and South of Rotterdam, in walking distance between the locations.

one day ticket Friday or Saturday

€10,00 buy online

– limited tickets available
two day ticket passepartout

€15,00 buy online

– limited tickets available
Sunday is
free entrance

program / schedule


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam, City of Rotterdam Department of Culture, NFPK+, Mondriaan Fonds



Hurdy-gurdy player, composer, and sound artist Yann Gourdon looks at vibratory fields and sound perception as a medium. He focuses mainly on acoustic phenomena that have a dynamic relationship with their environment. Every aspect of his work deals with quality of sound. It's not a matter of an event between spectators and a musician, it's 'a space to submit to a process.'


Dutch crate digger who has been living in a village outside Bandung, Indonesia for the last twenty years. He curates the amazing music blog linked above; chock full of great music from across Indonesia. Madrotter will spin many of his found treasures for the first time ever in Rotterdam: Jaipong (popular Indonesian dance music), early Dangut, Takdiran, bits of post-punk, etc.


One man harsh noise project that developed naturally from the frequent live noise musings during this man's own radioshow at Radio Papatoe.


Rotterdam based composer informed by 20th century avant-garde music and early techno. His gritty instrumental electronic pieces and A/V projects have been performed by many ensembles, soloists, and orchestras.

KUBUS (nl)

Producer behind some of the most upfront and extraordinary NL hiphop productions to appear throughout the last decade. Kubus' roots go back to the early rave days, where raw analogue beats and brutal electronics melted together into something unheard of. In this light it's no surprise that his current style is a unique fusion of techno, electro, and hiphop. He experiments with modular- and hardware synths, in constant search of new, wicked sounds.

LIGHT PAINTING – project w/ John Giskes (nl) & Michal Osowski (pl) & Ingrun Schnitzler (nl)

'Light Painting' is a newly developed technique where the light of small lamps in motion are recorded, stored, and transformed into a video projection that creates a brief visual experience. Various images are mixed up gradually into a dynamic and unpredictable narrative. The video images are generated by a performer who mimics specific motion patterns with these lamps attached to her/him.



Cult junk noise tribe risen from the cultural wasteland in the northern regions of suburban Netherlands. Their live shows are seizure-like manifestations of disorder with its members clad as rubbish heap vagrants.


Visual artist, poet, and performer, currently in residency at the Rijksakademie. Language, the body and the voice – departing from her own peculiar resources and obsessions – are three things that often define her work; resulting in (video) performances, poetry readings and exhibitions.


Rotterdam based classically trained Spanish/Belgian violinist, and music theatre maker. Venegas is not afraid to take part in a wide variety of musical ensembles, from Symphonic and Chamber Orchestras to interdisciplinary performances; working with visual artists, dancers, and actors.

Venegas will perform together with Panos Gklistis on the piano, Robin Eggers on percussion, Timoteo Carbone electronics.


The work of mister Van Den Broek revolves around space, spatiality and time. He uses Audio/Video to influence space and spatial awareness, both in a tactile and mental way. Zeno's output is released through albums, installations, paintings, and live performances.


Neapolitan drums & guitar duo founded by Francesco Gregoretti and Oliver di Placido, where guitar and drums often reverse roles. Oliver created a new hybrid guitar, with an unfixed neck and moving pick-up. Contact microphones are used for primitive realtime sound processing, blurring the lines between composition and improvisation, further intensified by explosive blast beats and complex polyhrythms.


Guitarist from Bhutan, on the eastern side of the Himalayas. Now residing in North Carolina, Dorji developed a style unbound by tradition. His improvisations grow along surprising paths, dragging the listener into a labyrinth of warbling tones. The experience is one equally disorienting and reflective, in which Dorji’s musicianship brings haunting beauty and mindfulness to the listener. Last year Dorji released his debut LP through Hermit Hut, the label of Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance). (think: Bill Orcutt, Derek Bailey, and Jack Rose.)

PAK YAN LAU (be/hk)

Pak Yan Lau is an artist born in Belgium, with origins from Hong Kong. Her love for curious sounding objects, toys, and toy pianos in particular, is demonstrated in her delicate sound mosaics. For the occasion of NZZN, Pak Yan will be presenting her piece 'Book of Toy'; a solo composition for four toy piano's, pendules, and electronics.


The work of Tom White (London) traverses multi-media platforms including sound, experimental film and video, installation and live performance. He has exhibited and performed internationally and published many sound works since 2009 (on e.g. Chocolate Monk, Alien Passengers). In 2014 he won the British Composer Award in Sonic Art for his piece 'Public Address', commissioned by the South London Gallery.


Dutch saxophonist and flutist. Formerly active as initiator and musician for various projects in the composed and improvised music field during the eighties and nineties. She played with the electro-acoustic group Byte and formed a duo with Ab Baars. The piece that she made for NZZN consists of a song cycle inspired by excerpts of Kafka's 'The Burrow' and will be executed by Mariëtte and cellist Nina Hitz.


Kent Tankred is a prominent name in sound art. Hailing from Stockholm, he was the president of the famous Fylkingen society between 1993-98, and forms Sons of God with Leif Elggren. He is known for his circuit bent instruments that are represented in the form of collages, sound installations and recordings. Kent's self-built apparatus will be an integral part of his live show at NZZN. Coinciding with this peformance, DE PLAYER will be presenting a new limited Kent Tankred record as part of their 'Pour Vous' series.

This NZZN event
took place in

October 2015


These four No Wave dandies prefer playing with their flutes over wetting their brushes in their painting studios. Fluwelen Koord is one of the latest additions in the Ultra Eczema camp; Belgium's backbone for unclassifiable music / sound art. Basically, this is a bunch of ill-bred art students being caught with their pants down, trying to channel their weird and wonderfully crude sound to the audience as good as they can.




Studio de Bakkerij, Bergweg 283, Rotterdam

Studio de Bakkerij
Bergweg 283, Rotterdam


Niffo Galerie / Recycling Studio 
Paul Krugerstraat 210, Rotterdam

Roodkapje, Teilingerstraat 128, Rotterdam

Hillelaan 49D, Rotterdam


Wolfart Projectspace
Wolphaertstraat 25c, Rotterdam